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Color correction all starts on the color wheel, where purple and yellow are complementary colors opposite to each other. Applying purple onto your teeth will neutralize the yellow undertones and cancel them, revealing a perceptively brighter shade of white. Pretty cool right?

We found the perfect shade of deep violet purple, that neutralizes yellow.

v34™’s combination of two water-soluble dyes allow for any shade of yellow to be cancelled for the brightest smile, without leaving behind any residue.



v34™ utilizes color correcting technology to improve the appearance of tooth color.  The formulation consists of a meticulous balance between two water-soluble dyes to form a deep violet tone.



After research we found the most perfect color of deep violet purple, which neutralizes yellow colors.

The combined water-soluble dyes of v34™ neutralized any shade of yellow, ultimately achieving the brightest smile without leaving any residue.



Materials: Sorbitol, Xylitol, Glycerin
Shelf life: 3 years


22 Reviews

Sierra Hibbert
Verified Buyer
So I ordered this after ordering what I thought was this product and got some knockoff from China. This toothpaste whitened me 2 shades in the first use. It’s actually dark purple!! I’m very satisfied with this toothpaste and will be recommending it to everyone.

Raife Shea
Verified Buyer
After a 2 minute brush the results were immediate! This is the only whitening product that has worked almost miraculously! Obviously results may vary person to person but I was 100% surprised that it actually worked for me after brushing for a minimum of two minutes!

Nana Stevens
Verified Buyer
Wish I would have known and invested in this product much sooner just within use I noticed an extreme difference I am a smoker and drink a lot of Coca-Cola so have very yellow teeth with consistent use I could see it working wonders I've been using about every other day and have already seen a dramatic change the taste is pleasant and it says to use two pumps however I get away with one and I have a small mouth the product is literally like magic I had to buy my mom some too and she said the same thing

Jemma Morse
Verified Buyer
I saw a difference the first time I used it. I have used several so called "teeth whitening" products, none of them have worked, not one. I have used the charcoal powder, I have used Smile Active

Kieran Peel
Verified Buyer
Nothing to dislike, it worked ! Even the taste wasn't bad. It will not hurt to try. I've used it about three times and I can see the difference.

Isobelle Miller
Verified Buyer
I could tell a small difference the first time I used it. With each user afterwards it became a WOW difference. I don't like the grape flavor. I prefer my mouth to feel minty fresh, but that's okay. I just follow it with mouthwash.

Nikki Cousins
Verified Buyer
The product is a bit messy however I brush in the shower. I could see a difference after 4 times. It works.

Maliha Dotson
Verified Buyer
After just one use my teeth are noticeably whiter! The minty taste is wonderful

Ember Garrett
Verified Buyer
This products works. Not as well as the commercial but you do see a difference in the first two times. Packaged carefully.

Maddie Burks
Verified Buyer
I was impressed. Full shade change almost immediately. Two applications and my teeth were noticeably white.

Jorge Alford
Verified Buyer
Wow! It really works. After one brushing there is a noticeable difference in the color of my teeth. The taste is pleasant also. I will definitely purchase again.

Haider Gillespie
Verified Buyer
Be careful will stain sink. Does whiten your teeth after a week of using this product.

Pierce Mora
Verified Buyer
This products packaging is on point with the cost! It's beautiful and well designed! The product itself works after 1 use, restoring so much white! Must buy 2022!

Abbey Fitzpatrick
Verified Buyer
My beginning and now results are amazing. Enough said

Jaeden Cain
Verified Buyer
would like to know how long it takes before teeth are white again.

Mindy Pratt
Verified Buyer
I have used this three times now and it actually does work. Just follow the instructions. I was amazed at how quickly it works.

Saxon Gill
Verified Buyer
It really works. I used this for the very first time . It takes 2 minutes and your teeth are white and bright. Love this product.

Perry Steele
Verified Buyer
This product claims to whiten your yellowed teeth, and it sure does! I love it!!!

Habiba Payne
Verified Buyer
Used this product to get the yellow stains off of my teeth from years of smoking. Could tell a big difference the first time I used it.

Cheryl Bone
Verified Buyer
My teeth were dingy stained and using it a couple of times a week. Now they are sparkling white!!! Yay...

Reis Rubio
Verified Buyer
This worked for me! I know i use blue shampoo to keep the yellow out of my haìr so i figured why wouldn't it work on my teeth also. They get yellow also.My two front teeth are crowns and whiter so Iam constantly looking for a whitener.The purper toothpaste really works and whitnens my teeth.

Frederic Jeffery
Verified Buyer
Tastes great! It's important to note that this product is a teeth toner, which means it's only temporary much like toner for your hair or a spray tan. If you want longer lasting results buy the whitening kit or the strips. The photos are of one use. Brush your teeth with toothpaste first, then use the v34. I bought mine directly from the hismile website. I do think the price is a little high. This is great for a quick brightening before something you want that little extra for.

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