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The car mesh net trunk bag can not only make full use of the space but also prevent children and pets from interfering with driving.



  • Kids or pets are too naughty makes you worry about the pets jumping from the back seat to the front seat
  • Affect your safe driving because of children’s curiosity about the front seat of the car.
  • Your handbag fell off the center armrest while driving.


  •   Isolate safely and brake suddenly to prevent the child from rushing forward
  •  Keeps your must-have essentials close to hand.
  •  For handbags, never fall under chairs again.
  •   Keeping your car clean and organized
  •   Perfect craftsmanship and high-quality materials
  •  Suitable for all cars.



As a car barrier keeps naughty pets or kids in their own area. Avoid children or Pet climbing driving position affect the safe driving, provide effective protection for traffic safety.

Large capacity net bag design, Space-saving, you can store everything you can put down all gadgets, such as water, drink, tissues, snacks, and book. Keeps your pocketbook within reach, greatly reducing distracted driving situations.
It covers the gap between the front two seats without not block the rear AC vent. Convenient and practical, Does not affect the functions of the armrest box and the original car.
Made of high-quality thick polyester fiber, High-elastic nylon rope, and hard plastic buckle, durable and flexible. Can be stretched to 1.5 meters.
Suitable for most cars, such as off-road vehicles, UTVs, jeeps, and other vehicles.

  • Material: High-quality Oxford cloth
  • Weight: Storage network bag: 130 g
  • Size: 27*28 cm






30 Reviews

Verified Buyer
Works well

Verified Buyer
We vacation with our 2 dogs and this keeps them in place. Just what I was looking for!

Ana vazquez
Verified Buyer
This thing is perfect to keep my pups in the back seat. All the ones that are marketed for that reason block the air from the AC and so the dogs get hot. With this, air flow is perfect! The dogs are cool in the back seat and stay put.

Thomas S.
Verified Buyer
This net bag keeps things from rolling around the car. The only problem is that the lower hooks don't stay as secure as I would like them but that may be more a problem with where I'm hooking them than a design flaw. I really like it.

Verified Buyer
Nice product, purchased two to keep my dog from getting into front seats of my new RX350 F Sport, one for between seats and second for between headrest.

Nick Hughes
Verified Buyer
This lil between the seat storage is just wonderful for me. It is exactly as displayed and easy to install. You just hook on car seat as shown in pic and you are all set. I am a grandmom so I always have a lot of "stuff" up front with me. The seat storage helps to keep my area neat with all I have with me when I have my grandchildren.

James Taylor brown jr.
Verified Buyer
This is perfect for what I needed as my car has very little personal space and no place to put my purse. This attached to the seat head rests and under the seats. I had a hard time finding a good place for the lower bungie cord as my car is brand new and everything was enclosed but I dug around and found the best spot. Our seats are never in the same postion but this doesn't make any difference. P Read More

Verified Buyer
This is come so handy! It keeps my expensive bags off the floor and it also holds my large tumblers of drinks so they don't spill.

Verified Buyer
this is a genius little thing that serves double duty as a nifty and handy place to store stuff you need while driving AND a separator between front and rear seats to keep doggies in the back. High enough to stop doggie jumpers, but low enough to still be able to reach back and grab stuff from the pockets in back of the front seats or from the back seat. very quick and easy to install.

Steve Dupont
Verified Buyer
This fits the head rests for a perfect top connection , the bottom seat rails of my car are not the same as one is all power and one not as much . So it took a few tries to find a spot that didnt knock off the drivers seat bottom strap 0f netting . If it had a two sided clip with different attachment sizes it would help for a one and done install .Mine is being used in an SUV for hold multiple men

Verified Buyer
So we're riding along in the truck (a Dodge Ram Bighorn 1500) and The Boss has her purse (i.e. the masonry bag) perched on the fold-down central console. First corner (every time!) the bag goes tumbling into the back, dumping its contents all over the floor. Not goof. But no more, not with this nifty net! Four clips--one on each headrest and then one each on the seat floor brackets--and the aggri

John ray
Verified Buyer
Perfect between my Jeep seats. One thing, it did not work to keep my enthusiastic dog from jumping to the front seat, although she would have climbed over anything. The photo is a little deceiving, as mine stretched very long and things tend to drop. It actually worked out well for traveling.

Verified Buyer
Love mine works perfectly. Dose exactly as advertised.Keeps my dogs from coming forward

Verified Buyer
Like it so far, it’s been about two months now.

Verified Buyer
Keeps the dogs in the back, the purse from flying to the back and the tissue easily accessible. This thing has solved several issues for me a in one. Wish I bought this years ago!

Verified Buyer
It is very strong, but my car does not have anywhere to hook the bottom. It is perfect I would purchase another one without a doubt

Lloyd W. Herrington
Verified Buyer
It is hard to find a place under ur seat to use the plastic clips to clip on to something. If u can't get it stretched far enough on both sides ur purse will eventually slide threw. But I like it. Love that it is a pocket.

Verified Buyer
I wasn’t sure I was going to like this but I love it. It holds a small umbrella and my Powerade Zero (the big bottle) to keep them within reach but not rolling around on my floor. It also helps to keep my purse on the console instead of sliding back into the back seat.

Mike Fabry
Verified Buyer
I recommend this if you lack space in your car. I use it for water bottles

Meghan B.
Verified Buyer
I really like this. So useful. My owners manual is in a zippered portfolio that includes a first aid kit. It is so large it takes up most of my glovebox. It slides perfectly into my mesh bag and I now have a glovebox I can use. Great way to gain a little more storage.

Joe C.
Verified Buyer
I love this product . My daughter likes it mine so much I have it to here and bought myself another. It stops my purse from falling over to the back of the car. It also stops my little dogs from hopping into the front seat on long car rides! It's fantastic!

Dorinda Z.
Verified Buyer
I love this between seat storage netting pouch. Very well made, easy to install and it’s bulky. I can fit my small purse 3 water bottles and a tissue package in the pouch which is kept in one proximal location so that I don’t have to be reaching or digging around for what I need. Great product, quality and price. Arrived early. Highly recommend!

Verified Buyer
I haven’t use this to store anything, I basically put it up as a deterrent to keep dogs in the front seat where they’re supposed to be, and to keep dogs in the backseat from climbing into the front. Works great for that purpose. Had no issue installing it in my 2015 Hyundai sonata.

William I.
Verified Buyer
I have been using this for over a year to keep the dogs in the back seat. The mesh part in the middle is soft, and it's not in my way. I don't usually use it to hold things, but I did put a couple of water bottles in there once, and it sagged a little with the weight, but it worked fine for that, too. Both of the headrest clips broke over time (they are plastic), but I put carabiner clips in their

Verified Buyer
I didn't actually buy this to hold any items, but rather to stop my dogs from stepping on my center console and jumping into the front seat. For that it serves its purpose well. I've only tried putting a couple things in it and it was awkward getting them in or back out. Material is pretty coarse, as it just feels like regular paracord or cargo netting.

Verified Buyer
I absolutely love this car seat dog barrier. I have a very wild Golden Retriever and this has stopped her from jumping up front to help me drive.Some others I tried didn't work well at all. I have a GMC Yukon, and the clips and straps are perfect, but the storage ability is limitedbecause it is stretched quite tight. I wasn't going to use the storage feature anyway. Highly recommended!

Verified Buyer
Fits perfect in my Optima. Looks like it came with the car. Hold snacks, drinks, wallet, ipad, lotion etc.. great for road trips or everyday. My main use is shoving my purse onto my armrest and it keeps it from falling off into backseat floorboard. Also fits right above my air vents in the back of the armrest so it doesnt interfere with backseat air.

Gregg P.
Verified Buyer
Excellent! I have two! Highly recommend!

Richard L.
Verified Buyer
Easy to install if you pay attention. Attached the top opening of each end to the headrests and hook each bottom to the plastic seat railing covers on the back of the front seats.

Verified Buyer
Didn't know softness was important? Th product does what I expected it to do.

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