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Powerful cleaning and deodorizing of household drain lines. Smelly drain? Drain Strips will eat away at organic matter better than the no-name drain cleaner you have under your sink. Drop one strip into your drain and the slow-dissolving bacteria and enzymes will start to work instantly.



Eliminates and digest grease, oil, fats, scum and food quickly for easy drain cleaning. The gunk that’s stuck inside of your drain won’t stand a chance against enzymes. Grease, oil, fats, scum, food: all gone in a matter of minutes. How’s that for easy drain maintenance?



This drain deodorizer and cleaners are thin, cylindrical and only 6.3 inches long making them ideal for homes and businesses. 100% safe for all types of plumbing, the stick rests in the pipe-trap and slowly releases a blend of enzymes that break down food, grease, oil and other organic materials.



Because these odor eliminating drain sticks are non-toxic and use enzymes to clean, they are safe to use in all drains from the bathroom to the kitchen.



  1. One piece per month to prevent odor.
  2. Made from 100% sodium stearate, it can effectively decompose and digest organic deposits and fats.
  3. Keep the drainage system used in kitchen, bathroom and utilities clean and eliminate odors and clogging.
  4. Maintain the safety of pipes and septic tanks.



Quantity: 1set(12pcs)/4set ( 48pcs )

Size: 10cm/3.94in each


21 Reviews

Viktor Cisneros
Verified Buyer
We desperately needed this item due to a maligned sewer pipe and renters (lots of activity with a sewer problem). The product arrived early. Even though our sink stopper in our three bathrooms was too narrow an opening to drop the stick in; we found a quick roll with the rolling pin flattened the stick perfectly; and voila! So far these have kept the drains running without noise of bubbling and what sounds like slowness of draining. Great product and precisely described.

Taslima Griffith
Verified Buyer
I just got these today and I’m super excited!

Hafsah Wilkes
Verified Buyer
I really like this product! They work really great keeping drains & pipes clean without any clogs. My order came on time & packaged well. I highly recommend them to others!

Macy Matthams
Verified Buyer
So far so good. I have a new shower on my new extension on my house that has an odor. Usually I need to vinegar the drain once a month or so. The base on the shower is tile so if there was a graced in properly plumbing in the vent there is limited option for fixing it. That said these seem to alleviate the odor and mean no more monthly vinegar dumps into the drain. So far so good.

Ellenor Brewer
Verified Buyer
We live in a home built in 1951 and some of the pipes are nearly as old. We just replace a sewer line this last summer however the pipes inside the home have not been replaced for quite some time. The water stinks when we run it for washing our hands even dishes purchasing these were the smartest things we could have done. It keeps the pipes from stinking and makes standing over the sink a much better experience.

Wiktoria Weeks
Verified Buyer
it works well , one stick in the sink and it does the job. put them in all out the sinks and tubs . orders go away. I does take a little bit for it to work but be pheasants with it and you will see the results

Fraya East
Verified Buyer
This is a great product! Put a stick down the drain once a month in the bathroom vanity and tub, kitchen sink and utility sink. Will help keep the drains clean and fresh. Have been using this product with good results and ordered more because I was running out.

Lucian Chester
Verified Buyer
Great product that made the kitchen &bathroom smell fresh

Zahraa Hinton
Verified Buyer
There was a faint odor in the kitchen. Not sure where it was coming from so I bought the Sani sticks. I am not noticing the faint odor anymore so perhaps it was coming from the sink and that the product took care of it.

Anastasia Todd
Verified Buyer
I was pleasantly surprised with these. When I run my food disposal a bad smell "burps" up from the other sink drain. Even when I use the non disposal side I could often smell it. I put one stick down the non disposal side and I have not smelled it again. This had been happening for months so I am really pleased.

Reis Lindsey
Verified Buyer
Needed something for my showers and this works tremendously.

Yousaf Larsen
Verified Buyer
I love them, cleans the drains and keeps them from sticking.

Elsie Charlton
Verified Buyer
I have to use this because my long curly hair clogs our shower drain. I use 2 sticks each Saturday and all is well.

Kezia Hubbard
Verified Buyer
I have to use this because my long curly hair clogs our shower drain. I use 2 sticks each Saturday and all is well.

Suhayb Giles
Verified Buyer
Love this product and have difficulty finding them in stores

Zachary Connor
Verified Buyer
At first I was skeptical. After putting a Sani Stick down my bathroom sink drain, it seemed to slow down the speed that the water drained. But after a day or so, no more slow drain! I am very happy I found this product and will buy it again.

Kimberley Markham
Verified Buyer
They work great for me. Evidently our kitchen sink vent isn't too efficient and we get a strange odor but putting one of these sticks in the drain works wonders! I keep a supply on hand and when I first notice the odor, pop one in the drain and it clears it right up.

Kohen Mccabe
Verified Buyer
Drop one of these down the drain of your kitchen sink and the odor from junk decomposing in the trap goes away. Repeat once a month and the problem is fixed for good.

Tyra Byers
Verified Buyer
We think these sticks work. Been using them for a couple of years and the drains seem to slow down far less often. Will continue to buy these....easier than a plunger and cheaper than a plumber.

Mahek Pope
Verified Buyer
The shower drain all my sinks and a utility sink and they all worked perfectly I am very pleased

Verified Buyer

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