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A portable device lets you siphon and transfer a variety of non-corrosive liquids and fuels through the flip of the switch! Applies to gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, light oil, water, chemical pesticides, soap, mild detergent, deodorant, acid, etc.



Switch precise control, open the switch automatically absorb liquid, close the switch will stop transmission within a second. Convenient and fast, according to the needs of self-control, reduce losses.



Long pipettes can easily reach tall tanks, kettles, and other large water tanks, while extra-large transfer hoses provide longer lengths and extended range.



Useful in garages, basements, bathrooms, shops, or courtyards to transfer fuel from gas tanks to cars, tractors, lawnmowers, boats, snow machines, etc!



Just two steps to use it! Install the battery, put the straw into the container containing the liquid, the hose is aimed at the empty container, open the switch, you can automatically absorb the liquid and transfer. 



  • PP+PE
Product Size
  • 25.8 × 2.4 × 2.4in
  • Blue,Red
Package Contents
  • Portable Electric Pump × 1


24 Reviews

Verified Buyer
Love the productI have used this pump to fill kerosene heaters over the past month with no problems ! It works fast with the flip of a switch, no mess and easy to use !

Verified Buyer
Great purchase for any liquid emergency!This product worked exactly as advertised. Saved me, having to hold a 5-gal fuel container while transferring to a vehicle. Very easy to operate & moves the fuel quickly. Highly recommended to anyone transferring fuel - might even be a great emergency item in the trunk of your car. Very happy customer.

Verified Buyer
Works really wellI used it for the first time this morning and I am impressed. I was able to empty the bird bath in about a minute. I had been using a hand pump before and it took forever. Now my bird buddies will have clean, fresh water all the time.

Verified Buyer
Easy and Safe to useI love this product. This i use this pretty much every other day for the past 6-7 weeks. One pair of batteries later that long. I've also used it to put gas into the vehicle. The flow is constant and strong and the automatic shot down function when the gas reaches the nuzzle is a welcomed feature, since i can pump gas unattended. Will definitely recommend or buy again. In fact i plan to try the water pump next.

Verified Buyer
Awesome!I wish I had known about these things years ago. I was so tired of half-killing myself trying to fill my riding lawnmower. This little gadget works like a charm. My grandson mentioned that this exists. Sure enough...... The price was right and I love it! Great for the weak me!

Verified Buyer
Great for transferring liquidsI bought this to use when I am making wine and need to transfer the wine from a bucket to a glass carboy. This is great for transferring liquids. The only thing that did surprise me a bit was the batteries used. For some reason, I thought I already had the batteries needed but I did not. This pump uses D-size batteries which are the biggest batteries that were used in old flashlights. Besides that, it is easy to use, you submerge the pump in the liquid and flip the switch to turn on. It does not pressurize the output liquid and I would compare the flow/pressure of the liquid to having a hose on a bucket.

Verified Buyer
Easy to use. Flow is great and not too slow. Exactly as described by seller.

Verified Buyer
DependableGood liquid flow, no leaks. The Hose clamp was a little hard to secure but, once fitted, stayed in place.

Verified Buyer
Great device! This is such a great help and great invention!

Jim Moran
Verified Buyer
These are perfect for pumping out the bulge of our jet ski and pumping rainwater out of our Pedal Boat without having to turn it on its side to dump it.

Verified Buyer
Very convenient. I order another set. I keep one on the boat.

Verified Buyer
Very reliable. I saved me during time of emergency.

Mark Hunte
Verified Buyer
Very pleasantly surprised!this is a great product! Works well - pumps a t surprising speed. Very useful in transferring gasoline to lawnmower, chain saw, outboard motor, etc. I bought two then two more and gave one to my neighbor.

Terrell Riley
Verified Buyer
User Friendly!!Friends of mine ordered one of these for me, after I had two back surgeries in four months. Filling my riding lawn mower was a major production for me before I got this siphon. Now it’s a pleasure! I like it so much I ordered three for family members.

Verified Buyer
I just really love this!!I usually have to lift 5 gallon cans of diesel fuel to fill my tractor and hold it into position as it chugs into the gas tank. Problem is the can will slip on me. With this Turbo, I can put the two 5 gallon cans on a cart with wheels and roll it up to the tractor and push a putt on with the Turbo and it flows pretty quickly to fill the gas tank up. Much easier if you’re like me with bad shoulders, back and getting older.

Leo Barrett
Verified Buyer
This little pump does a great job. Transfers liquids quickly and quietly. The overflow sensor actually works (in the one I received) but I've read that some don't. Three AAA batteries are needed, but it's better to put good batteries in rather than the uber cheap ones that sometimes come included. I've only used it a few times so far, but it's working great and was pretty inexpensive. I recommend this little pump that can.

Verified Buyer
My husband died 3 years ago so I am learning all kinds of new stuff. I bought those new gas cans with the stupid pour spouts that some idiot bureaucrat designed and luckily my son-in-law told me about this battery operated pump. Just put in the batteries and it's ready! So easy a cave-woman could do it. ;-)

Jan Bates
Verified Buyer
Took it with us riding our quads and dirt bike. This thing is AWESOME! It helps so much when needing to fill something that's difficult or if you don't have a cap to a gas can. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND this product!

Mack Banks
Verified Buyer
I needed this pump to empty out the gas from my generator. This worked like a charm. Pumped 5 gallons out in about 3 minutes. I will use this mostly for transferring gasoline from the new style 5-gallon containers. I hate the new spigots on gas cans - they were devised by idiots. This pump cures that hassle. It has an auto shut to prevent overflowing. Nice.

Verified Buyer
I got this to replace a drill water transfer pump that had died. I was surprised at how fast it worked and how much liquid it moved. If you are in the north and have to occasionally drain out a pool skimmer and refill it with antifreeze this pump will fit the bill. I was worried that the pump being lower then the hose would be an issue as I have an inground pool, but was not the case. this will be nice to also use on the lawnmower/snow blower at the end of their respective seasons. would recommend.

Verified Buyer
Use is for transferring gasoline from 5-gallon cans to vehicles and mowers: Faster than other similar devices used. This uses 3 "AA" batteries as compared to 2 "DD" batteries in other pumps. The cover for the battery holding pocket is a little trouble to open; concerned with possibly breaking the latch fastener.

Owen Tucker
Verified Buyer
Bought this to replace one I've had for many years and has died. I use this mainly for emptying my garden fountain. This one is much better than my last one. The suction is very good, emptying my fountain within a few minutes. Also, the outflow pipe is a lot longer than my previous one. Money well spent.

Verified Buyer
This little tool has already saved me from a lot of spills. I used to transfer gasoline to my cars when needed using a long funnel and pouring gas directly from the 5 gallon-container, it was a mess. It transfers a 5-gallon container in about 2 minutes. The only thing a would like to be different is that it had a longer hose, otherwise, will recommend it.

Verified Buyer
Received the pump today and immediately used it to refill my riding lawn mower with gas. I don't know what size gas tank the mower has, but it's a 46" riding mower and it filled the tank in about a minute. I just placed an order for a 2nd pump to use on my farm tractor to pump diesel fuel. I prefer not to use the same pump for both types of fuel.

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